For the first few months of 2013, Helen and I had been dating, and on Mother’s Day, she thought it would be a good time to be introduced into the family, by me meeting her mum and dad (must be getting serious). And what better way to meet your future mother in law, by her flinging herself into the back of my car, after a full day on the wine. After me moving in with them, (which was only meant to last 6 weeks, but actually lasted 6 months) it was apparent that I was welcomed into the family with open arms..

The wedding film story started like this…

Being a none serious photographer/videographer, I was always into the technical side of the camera, newest equipment, newest lenses etc.

But watching our videographer film my wedding, it was much more than just a pretty shot, shot on an a good camera, with a great lens. It was about the story, and the couples romance and their background.  So, I used to bore Helen, every day and night, about new camera equipment I’d bought, or the new lens I needed to have. And as much as Helen wanted to listen, she just got bored really quickly (especially when Love Island is on).

Then one day, when the in laws came round for dinner, I remember Paula asked me a question about my camera, and how I’d film certain things, when filming weddings and other events. So it became obvious that Paula was the natural choice to help with me filming weddings. Not realising, how much homework I’d give her, she took to it, like a duck to water. And here we are.

Paula and my story, may not be the “love story” you where thinking of, but we would love to capture yours.

Re-writing your love story. And as Paula says, “emotions in motion” 



For those who haven’t been introduced yet, I shoot weddings with my mother in law, Paula. On the day of the wedding, some call her the 3rd mother, she’s even been nicknamed ‘the fifth bridesmaid’. She aims to please and making sure everyones at ease, to create a beautiful atmosphere for us to film within your day, in your surroundings, with your family.


I could bore you all day with my equipment and what I use, but…the main thing to know…I shoot everything in 4K and 1080p (it looks amazing on your TV, or in the cinema)

our films

You may notice that the turnaround time for our films is up to 6 months. We also notice that some companies offer say day turnaround for wedding films. But, if you watch some of our trailers here, you’ll notice that our films don’t follow a format, and not one film will be the same as the last. We do our best to get to know our couples before their big day, and make sure that everything we film is relevant and important to them.