I’d always had an interest in photography and videography, and in 2015, I picked up my first camera and started to take it slightly seriously. Always having biased family saying how good my work was, naively, I thought I could do this as a job. When me and Helen got married in 2017, and watching our videographer work, it really gave me a push, to realise how much I wanted to get involved in wedding filmmaking. I wasn’t quite sure how yet, but I knew it was the way to go.

I offered to film a friends wedding for them a few years back, and honestly never looked back. Apart from being really involved in someones special day, theres honestly no greater feeling than delivering a love story to a couple who’ve put all their trust in you to do theirs.


For those who haven’t been introduced yet, I shoot weddings with my mother in law, Paula. On the day of the wedding, some call her the 3rd mother, some even call her the extra bridesmaid. She aims to please and making sure everyone at ease, to create a beautiful atmosphere for us to film within your day, in your surroundings with your family.


I could bore you all day with my equipment and what I use, but…the main thing to know…I shoot everything in 4K and 1080p (it looks amazing on your TV, or in the cinema)


You may notice that the turnaround time for our films is up to 6 months. We also notice that some companies offer say day turnaround for wedding films. But, if you watch some of our trailers here, you’ll notice that our films don’t follow a format, and not one film will be the same as the last. We do our best to get to know our couples before their big day, and make sure that everything we film is relevant and important to them.